Ala Moana Center Leasing FAQ's

How do you choose stores for Ala Moana Center?
Ala Moana Center is proud of its diverse tenant mix, and is always looking for new and unique retailers. While we are known for our department stores, luxury goods and broad selection of retailers from all over the world, we are also home to many small local tenants and dozens of local entrepreneurs who operate our Retail Merchandising Units (Carts, or "RMU"s). Click here for more information on RMU's. Retailers interested in leasing a store at Ala Moana Center should submit a proposal. Your store may be just what we're looking for...and if so, we'll contact you.

How much is the rent?
Lease rent depends on the location, size, type of store and other factors. When we identify a tenant and a suitable space, we determine what the rent is. Basically, tenants pay a fixed minimum rent plus extra charges including Common Area Maintenance fees and Real Property Tax. Tenants also pay to the Landlord a percentage of sales (after a certain sales level is acheived). We do not quote rents until a proposal has been received and approved and a suitable space has been identified.

Do you have a wait-list?
We do not have a wait-list, but we do maintain files of prospective tenants who have submitted proposals to the Center. The proposals are kept on file for three years.

Are there any spaces available?
Although the vacancy rate at Ala Moana Center is very low, we do have spaces available from time to time throughout the year.

I want to open my first store (or restaurant). Do I have a chance to get into Ala Moana Center?
While many of our retailers have multiple stores and others are part of major chains, there are quite a few Ala Moana Center merchants who got their start here. Signing a lease brings certain obligations, commitments and some major financial responsibility, which you must be prepared to assume. If you are uncertain about making a long-term commitment and assuming the financial burden of building, merchandising and operating a store, you might consider a "temporary" or "seasonal" lease which is for a shorter term in a store which is usually already built out. For more information, contact Specialty Leasing.