Waiola (Living Waters)
George Tsutakawa (1910-1977)

Street Level 1, Diamond Head Wing, near Assaggio

George Tsutakawa’s Waiola, Hawaiian for “
Living Waters,” honors the many cultures of the Pacific Basin living harmoniously in Hawaii. The structure of the statue stems from the Tibetan Obos, expressing the joy, humility and man’s desire for harmonic balance between space and matter. 

About the Artist:
Tsutakawa is a sculptor and painter best known for some sixty public fountains created and installed in North America and Japan since 1960. Tsutakawa served on the faculty of the UW School of Art from 1947 until his retirement in 1976. Perhaps as much as for his body of artistic works, Tsutakawa is beloved as a "treasure of the Pacific Northwest" for the contributions he and his family have made over the years to the cultural life of the region.

Dedicated: 1966